Shower Facility


Plummy fashions is unique in providing showers and washing facilities for staff. As part of our environmental goals we encourage staff to cycle or walk to work. To make staff feel comfortable in a hot climate PFl offer the opportunity to refresh 



Lifestyle Centre

PFL possess a strong social commitment and aims at a better lifestyle for all. The company has proudly introduced the concept of a LIFESTYLE CENTRE. This uniquely designed building is positioned adjacent to the sparkling water in the project area with green architectural design. PFL assures its workers, not only a safest working environment, but also helps them to step into a better lifestyle. The LIFESTYLE CENTRE is a zero carbon emission building designed under USGBC rules.
The centre accommodates a mini hospital for workers, a day care centre for children with trained child care professionals, an indoor games centre with satellite TV, a large dining hall, a spacious prayer hall, a world class training centre with multimedia facilities and a subsidized dining room. The centre encourages the workers to achieve a new way of life.The ideology of the centre is to make a positive change in the daily life of the staff and is a model for the future.



Medical Facilities

A 6 bed mini hospital has been set up in the factory premises. Two full time doctors and nurses take care of the immediate medical needs of all employees.

For the well being of everyone working at the company PFL strives to create a pleasant working environment.
Fatigue has been reduced by the installation of evaporative air conditioning and ergonomic, well lit work stations.


Modern Fire Fighting

PFL has equipped the factory with a high quality fire protection system. Beside stauatory fire fighting equipment the factory is monitored by an addressable fire detection system. More than 250 smoke and heat detectors have been fitted to detect fire in any compartment. Should fire break out the control room detects the location and manages a safe evacuation.
Power is supplied by a Bus Bar Trunking System from Graziadio of Italy with a redundant Separate Bus bar for lighting and power.

A dedicated fire pump with an independent water reservoir and back up separate diesel pump services fire hydrants throughout the site. The warehouse section is further protected by a water sprinkler system.

Prevention of fires and working hazards is an essential part of staff training. Harzard awareness training and the correct use of safety equipment is mandatory for all staff. A dedicated fire fighting unit has been trained for first response in the event of any incident. The team leader is directly responsible to the directors of the company and is involved in regular safety briefings.



Workers safety

Workers safety is prime concern at Plummy Fashions Ltd. Unlike conventional multi-story buildings PFL has been designed as low level two story facility which promotes easy fast and safe evacuation in case of fire. Five emergency exits in each floor has been installed ensuring the highest level of safety.