Sustainable Site


The owners have selected the location of Plummy Fashions Ltd. carefully.

All the essential facilities and amenities are located within 500 metres, including market, school, mosque, and bus stops. The site also provides secure bicycle parking facilities and encourages the use of non-fossil fuel transport.

Rain Water Harvesting


Every drop of water that enters the factory site is carefully controlled. A rainwater management plant prevents rainwater from leaving the site. Rain water is collected in a harvesting tank and re-cycled for toilet flushing and irrigation purposes.


Heat Island Effect

The reduction in heat islands (The thermal gradient differences between developed and undeveloped areas) minimises the thermal impact on the local microclimate plus human and wildlife habitats. PFL has installed roofing materials with a high Solar Reflection Index of 79 and Hardscape areas with light colour reflecting paving blocks.


Reduce Ozone Deplition


PFL has installed CFC free refrigerants for chillers, air conditioning and insulation. CFC contains ozone depleting substances that contribute to global warming.


Contemporary Landscape

The 5.1 acres land of the project is uniquely designed by one of the finest landscape architects in Bangladesh. More than 50% land area of the project has been retained as green space which exceeds the requirement of USGBC.
The area is enhanced by several uniquely designed green buildings. Open areas are planted with lush grassland, landscaped gardens, natural water features and fountains.
With a area of densely planted with local plants and trees large lakes, the gardens create a tranquil haven for both employees and welcome visitors.



CO2 Monitoring System


PFL has installed carbon dioxide sensor to monitor the level of CO2 in the occupied areas. Depending on the CO2 level feedback from sensors triggers fans to regulate fresh air flow.

Certified Woods and Paints


FSC certified wood and low VOC paints have been used to minimize impact on environment.



Use of Local Materials for Construction

More than 20% ( By Cost ) of local materials has been used for construction to support the local economy and to reduce the environmental impact resulting from transportation.




Use of Recyclable Contents in Construction Materials


More than 20% materials used for construction of this project have been recycled. This has done to reduce the environmental impact resulting from extraction and transport of new materials.



Energy Efficient Machineries



PFL has selected machines with very low energy servo motors to reducing power consumption by 50% over conventional factories. State of the art LED lights further reduce the energy demand by 80% over incandescent equivalent. This reduction in waste heat reduces the load on cooling systems and creates an excellent working environment.

Maximum Day Lighting

The factory has designed the windows and louvers in a way to use maximum daylight. Moreover, 44 signature series prismatic dome skylights by Sunoptics, USA has been installed for ambient lighting during the day time.


Onsite Renewable Energy


A 65 KW capacity solar power plant with highly efficient mono crystalline panels is a key component of our green strategy. The facility produces least 110 MWhours energy every year, 13% of total power required.

Efficient Water Fixtures


PFL has installed efficient water outlet fixtures to reduce the use of water by 60%. Auto sensor urinals, dual flush water closets and faucets with a low flow rate of 1.5 litre/minute have been specified to comply with US-EPA ( US Energy Policy Act ) and ISO14001.



Water Efficient Landscaping


Irrigation water demand has been reduced by 80%. Landscaping includes drought resistant locally adapted plant species which do not require regular irrigation. If limited irrigation is required the need is met using recycled non-potable rainwater.


Light Pollution Reduction


In PFL no light is directed to the night sky to reduce light pollution. The architects also specified exterior lighting that is automatically controlled to turn off during non business hours. This meets the Full Cutoff IESNA Classification.


Adequate Open Area

More than 50% of the total site has been kept as open space to restrict the footprint of the factory. A lush green environment enhances the natural beauty of the landscape and creates a stress free experience.