About Us

In today’s global global economy the protection of the environment is a key component of any sustainable business plan. Reversing, Global warming, climate change, damage to the ozone layer and the loss of biodiversity is the responsibility of business today. Plummy Fashions Ltd (PFL) has commenced a ground breaking project. The Green Knit Apparel manufacturing unit. This project follows the principles of the U.S. “LEED” and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). PFL strives for sustainable and accountable business practices in Bangladesh and is establishing the definitive business model that manufactures and customers can follow for the benefit of everyone. PFL’s commitment and passion, to people, families, workers and the planet translates into a driving force towards sustainable business. This spectacular manufacturing unit is located in Narayanganj, 20 kilometers south from Dhaka city center. The site is 5.5 acres, sensitively landscaped with a combination of award winning designed buildings and 3 acres of tranquil gardens. PFl has installed a class leading natural water management system re-cycling and reusing both rainwater and surface water. A natural lake located inside the factory premises not only ensures a balanced eco system, but a feeling of relaxation and tranquility, important in a busy world. In order to comply with USGBC core standards and guidelines for building and management, PFL followed LEED strict manufacturing standards. PFL has installed digitally calibrated machines essential for utilizing Solar energy, CFC free cooling systems, efficient water fixtures, LED lighting, low energy plant minimizing the companies carbon footprint. In order to meet and exceed natural energy requirement, PFL has constructed one of the largest solar energy plant in Bangladesh and the factory has utilized a state of the art skylight system to trap natural sunlight for lighting its facilities. Despite a strong emphasis on the environment, people remain at the core of all initiatives. The companies ethos is geared towards the well being of workers and employees, the core of PFL. PFL ensures a comfortable and safe workplace, separate child-care, health care, recreation and training facilities. A committee dedicated to safety, equal opportunities, and well being is trained to implement positive and evolving management practices has been created to ensure a modern forward looking working environment. Equal opportunity forms the core of the companies mission statement. PFL positively encourages women and minority groups in employment and is committed to provide support facilities to ensure job retention and to encourage promotion. PFL operates a zero tolerance discrimination policy. The company is particularly sensitive to the rights of women in the workplace and operates a duty of care policy for the protection of women in its production facilities.