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There is an environment that encompasses the interaction of all livings. Climate, weather, and natural resources that affect human survival and economic activity.We care about all.

Simply Green

About Us

In today’s global global economy the protection of the environment is a key component of any sustainable business plan. Reversing, Global warming, climate change, damage to the ozone layer and the loss of biodiversity is the responsibility of business today.

Plummy Fashions Ltd (PFL) has commenced a ground breaking project. The Green Knit Apparel manufacturing unit. This project follows the principles of the U.S. “LEED” and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). PFL strives for sustainable and accountable business practices in Bangladesh and is establishing the definitive business model that manufactures and customers can follow for the benefit of everyone. PFL’s commitment and passion, to people, families, workers and the planet translates into a driving force towards sustainable business.

This spectacular manufacturing unit is located in Narayanganj, 20 kilometers south from Dhaka city center. The site is 5.5 acres, sensitively landscaped with a combination of award winning designed buildings and 3 acres of tranquil gardens. PFl has installed a class leading natural water management system re-cycling and reusing both rainwater and surface water. A natural lake located inside the factory premises not only ensures a balanced eco system, but a feeling of relaxation and tranquility, important in a busy world.


Why We Are The Best

Plummy Fashions is number one garments factory in the world. It is awarded by USGBC(U.S.GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL) for assuring a good contribution in several fields like reduction in energy use, reduction in water use, reduction in carbon footprint etc.



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Sustainable Site

The owners have selected the location of Plummy Fashions Ltd. carefully. All the essential facilities and amenities are located within 500 metres, including market, school, mosque, and bus stops. The site also provides secure bicycle


Rain Water Harvesting

Every drop of water that enters the factory site is carefully controlled. A rainwater management plant prevents rainwater from leaving the site. Rain water is collected in a harvesting tank and re-cycled for toilet flushing and irrigation purposes.


Heat Island Effect

The reduction in heat islands (The thermal gradient differences between developed and undeveloped areas) minimises the thermal impact on the local microclimate plus human and wildlife habitats. PFL has installed roofing materials with a high Solar


Reduce Ozone Deplition

PFL has installed CFC free refrigerants for chillers, air conditioning and insulation. CFC contains ozone depleting substances that contribute to global warming.CFC contains ozone depleting substances that contribute to global warming.


Management of PFL

Plummy Fashions Ltd being managed by a highly qualified, experienced and professional team. This excellent team is being led by Mr. Md. Fazlul Hoque with 20 years of experience in the Knitwear industry. Fazlul was the president of the Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers & Exporters’ Association (BKMEA) for 6 years and was also the President of Bangladesh Employers Federation (BEF) and Director of the International Apparel Federation (IAF). In these roles Fazlul travelled extensively and has developed a strong understanding of the requirements of major markets and customers. This strong team also consists of Directors with a minimum of 15 years’ experience in the export Knitwear industry.


Compliance and Workers Safety in PFL

Shower Facility

Plummy fashions is unique in providing showers and washing facilities for staff. As part of our environmental goals we encourage staff to cycle or walk to work. To make staff feel comfortable in a hot climate PFl offer the opportunity to refresh before and after a busy shift.


Lifestyle Centre

PFL possess a strong social commitment and aims at a better lifestyle for all. The company has proudly introduced the concept of a LIFESTYLE CENTRE. This uniquely designed building is positioned adjacent to the sparkling water in the project area


Medical Facilities

A 6 bed mini hospital has been set up in the factory premises. Two full time doctors and nurses take care of the immediate medical needs of all employees.For the well being of everyone working at the company PFL strives to create a pleasant working environment.


Modern Fire Fighting

PFL has equipped the factory with a high quality fire protection system. Beside stauatory fire fighting equipment the factory is monitored by an addressable fire detection system. More than 250 smoke and heat detectors have been fitted to detect fire in


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